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Document management of business processes

What is it and what is it for?

A Document Management System is a software solution used to centralize, organize and share documents in safety. As the complexity of procedures and regulations increases, the amount of information to be managed increases too.

Advantages of Document Management

Document management allows you to digitize processes, managing the entire document life cycle, organizing and improving the efficiency of companies of all sizes. The characteristics of an efficient document management platform are:


Integration to systems already used in the company for complete management centralization.


Smart access to information from any place and device.


A reliable document system that guarantees the right levels of protection for archived data.


The life cycle of a document is managed thanks to automatic systems.


Information is shared and controlled by setting the correct access levels.


Digital preservation allows paperless document management.

ARXivar Next

ARXivar, the ideal platform for document management

With ARXivar you can:

  • Making corporate digitalization processes more efficient thanks to a single platform
  • Securely share information through advanced and cutting-edge technologies
  • Optimize the search for corporate documents even remotely, from any device
  • Organize efficient and organized operational flows through efficient workflows

ARXivar allows you to better manage your documents: from creation and archiving, to conservation and cataloging

Learn more about the advantages of document management with ARXivar

ARXivar is the perfect system for organizing documents and information through files or hashtags. In a short time it will make the document management of your company effective.

Documents and information of any kind, relating, for example, to the same customer / supplier, are automatically or manually linked through the archive system.

ARXivar also allows you to link documents and information simply by inserting an identical #hashtag in the relevant fields.

The digital archiving of documents facilitates the search and management of documents, making them easy to use.

ARXivar allows the electronic archiving of any type of document (Word, Power Point, Excel, images, fax, video, mail) coming from various information systems that the company already uses (ERP/Management, CRM, Quality Systems etc.)

All information in the document system is centralized and easily traceable.

Customizable search tools: files and information can be found quickly

The ARXivar search engine is able to allow searches on all document profile fields, on sender / recipient personal data, on attachments and annotations and in all volumes placed in electronic storage, even in FULL-TEXT mode.

You can also customize the search results grid and set the most frequent searches.

With ARXivar it is also easier to search for information directly in documents thanks to the OCR system.

With the OCR service, the document search directly inside the text of the document makes everything easier, including pdf scans. ARXivar allows you to combine the precision of the search through metadata with the power of the full text engine.

Complete transfer of documents (and related tracking) through different channels

ARXivar allows the sending of a document, to pre-configured distribution lists, via email, mailing services, fax, or LINK http or https. Document activities are tracked to ensure their control.

Integration with: MS Exchange | Lotus Domino | MS Outlook | Lotus Notes | Main Fax Server

Sign your digital documents digitally but with the simplicity reminiscent of paper with full legal value and all the advantages of dematerialization.

ARXivar offers various electronic signature solutions, in line with all security principles.

The definition of electronic signature is very broad and includes both simple types of IT subscription that do not use tools capable of guaranteeing the authenticity and integrity of the signed document (for example the signature in an email), and advanced digital signature systems analogous for legal validity to the handwritten signature.

  • Time saving: the management of transactions becomes fast and practical (for example between subjects geographically distant from each other);
  • Economic savings: printing and shipping costs are reduced, the space dedicated to the archive is optimized
  • Automation of procedures: workflows in the company are simplified as signatures become simple online requests.

ARXivar ensures the integrity and confidentiality of ARCHIVED documents, according to the requirements of the ISO / IEC 27001 standard

Each archived document is no longer editable. Any revisions and changes are always available. All the operations carried out on a document are traced in the path of the document file.

ARXivar also allows you to manage privacy details, defining access permissions both by category and by single document.

Centralized formats for simple and shared documentation

With ARXivar is possible to generate standard business models for the creation of different types of documents (headed paper, quality forms, invoices, press releases) and make them available to the entire company. The compilation of documents is guided and the review is monitored.

Ability to create a self-consulting archive starting from any search or view of ARXivar

  • Export in csv format and printing of search results
  • Digital signature and certificate verification tools directly accessible from the ARXivar interface without using external tools
  • Massive change on profile data
  • Preview panel for the main formats

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