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Utilities sector in corporate management control

ARXivar is a business management software able to support every phase of the processes, allowing to optimize times and costs.

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Site dossier

ARXivar allows you to organize all the documentation underlying the assignment of a construction site. A single flow of collaboration between all the actors involved (Utilities, Authorities and customers), integrated with the applications in use (ERP, Legacy, control systems) guarantees the monitoring of each phase of the process and the immediate retrieval of all the documentation involved .

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Document composition

ARXivar allows the Legacy area to simplify the management and composition of the conclause documentation at the end of the award of a contract. The process involves:

  • Guided document composition.
  • Automatic sending of the document to the counterpart, for any changes and management of revisions.
  • Final digital signature.
  • Conservation of the document in accordance with the law.

Recording of outgoing and incoming communications

The communications received are logged by the system and, through tasks, assigned to the competent groups / users.

Certified e-mail boxes are automatically emptied and PEC e-mails are:

  • Filed with related associated return receipts
  • Automatically logged
  • Sorted (by competence, knowledge, assignment to single user, assignment to employee group)

ARXivar manages the multi-channel sending of communications: Via Mail, Via PEC, Via FAX.

During sending, the operator can monitor the progress of the sending queues. If any information is missing, workflows are activated to refine the shipping data.

  • Composition of the document through predefined templates.
  • Approval flow (Area / Management Manager)
  • Remote digital signature
  • Registration
  • Single or multiple shipping


A single tool for managing the entire company, regardless of the third-party systems from which the information comes.

Optimization of document generation times and workflow thanks to guided flows, automatisms and document composition tools.

Control and reporting tools allow you to have a detailed analysis of the performance of processes and activities, improving operational efficiency.

Immediate availability of documents and information, thanks to automatic reconciliation.

Centralization and facilitation of collaboration: It is possible to exchange information via chat, links and automatic emails directly in the system.

Data and document security: Setting the levels of access to information guarantees the right parameters of confidentiality and integrity.


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