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Document Management Software
and Business Workflow

ARXivar allows you to have a document management software for the company in a single platform. 

It allows you to keep and manage processes through workflow in accordance with the law.

Search and access information in one click wherever you are.

Optimize your workflows with automated processes.

ARXivar: the ideal solution for your sector

ARXivar is a platform for the management of business processes, ideal for use in any sector and easily integrated with the systems already present in your company.


ARXivar allows you to organize all the documentation for the assignment of a job on site.

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ARXivar manages purchasing, quality system and product data sheets, integrating with the ERP and systems in use.

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The platform allows you to centralize the documents of different management systems and companies in a single group.

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The processes of the logistics sector are very complex, and involve the collection of different documents.

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Health Care

For a timely and effective intervention, a health facility must have adequate technologies.

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Food & Beverage

The platform indicates the correct insertion of data in the production process and manages the conditions applied to customers.

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Digital transformation

Does your company know how to manage smartworking?

ARXivar is the perfect document management software for working remotely. It is in fact ideal for companies that want to connect people, places and information efficiently to their business, in order to increase the productivity and efficiency of business management.

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We offer work process optimization and digitalization solutions

CHC Business Solutions, through the use of ARXivar, is able to propose an optimized solution to concentrate all the information of a company or department in a single point, in order to be able to manage them safely in a simple way.

About ARXivar

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With ARxivar, DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION and HOME WORKING are already a reality for over 3000 companies

Start optimizing your business processes with ARXivar. Write us for more information.

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